We believe that by building eachother up, we all succeed. We believe that we are stronger, kinder, happier, and more aware as a community when we are willing to lift eachother up and help eachother rise and overcome life’s challenges. Teenage girls are faced with a multitude of hurdles each day, through peer group and social media channels, often affecting a young girl’s self-esteem. We believe that by building up the confidence of each teen, and helping each girl embrace their individual beauty within, that we are ultimately benefitting our community as a whole. The more confident, the more caring, and caring leads to compassion and empathy which allows all of us the space to learn and grow. By working to empower one girl at a time, we are helping build a kind more supportive community overall.
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Tutu Beautiful was created as a way to try and help Heather’s daughter over-come self-confidence and self-worth issues that surfaced as her daughter began middle school. The most difficult place to be as a mother is watching your child suffer and struggle, especially with issues regarding low self-worth and low self-esteem. Heather purchased a Tutu before a family trip as a way to connect with her daughter while on vacation and discovered that her daughter completely transformed by slipping on the Tutu. Her daughter, who had for over 2 years retreated inside herself due to social struggles, was all of a sudden twirling, jumping, giggling, and asking to wear the tutu the whole trip. The simple act of putting on a tutu helped her daughter transform back into the bubbly, outgoing, confident child she had once been before the heaviness of teenage pressures had seeped in. Heather returned from the trip and shared the experience and images of transformation with other’s facing the same challenges with their daughter’s and thus, Tutu Beautiful was born.

Heather has owned and operated a Fine-Art Family Portrait and Commercial Photography Studio for over 22 years. Heather believes that the art of portraiture is a balance between photography and the ability to connect and empathize with those on the other side of her camera. Finding the human connection between subject and photographer is the key to creating inspiring images. She currently resides in Naples, Florida with her three children and dog, Elliott.

To see more of Heather’s work, please visit http://heatherdonlan.com/